Welcome to Seaview


Welcome to Seaview! 

Seaview is one of 17 unique beach communities located on the barrier island of Fire Island, NY. Fire Island stretches 32 miles long and only 0.5 mile across bordered by the Great South Bay on the north side  and the Atlantic Ocean on the south side. Like all of Fire Island, Seaview is only accessible by a ferry, water taxi or private boat from the “mainland” (Long Island) leaving from Bay Shore and Sayville, NY. The main transportation on the island is bicycle, water taxi (traveling from community to community) or by foot. Cars are prohibited during the summer months although are permitted for full time residents/workers (with a permit) in the winter months. 

Seaview Sunset
Great South Bay
Seaview Ferry
Seaview Marina
Seaview Rules
Seaview Wagon Park
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