"Summer Jenn" and Matt

Hi, I’m Jenn aka “Summer Jenn”. My husband, Matt coined the nickname when I first began my teaching career twenty something years ago. It was said sort of tongue in cheek because I would come home most days depleted of creativity. Matt would long for the school year to end and wait patiently for “Summer Jenn” to return. In 2020, I decided to make the difficult decision to retire early and dedicate all my creative energy to my boys and our home year round! Hence naming this blog, “Simply Summer Jenn.”

For as long as I can remember, I loved and admired the details of home. I was inspired by homes I had visited and tried to recreate spaces in my parent’s home. They weren’t always happy with my drive to design. Particularly when I decided their paneled walls were outdated and took it upon myself to demo them down to the studs without their permission! With some help (okay… a lot of help), I installed new drywall and gave the room a new updated look on a budget. After seeing the transformation, my passion for design and decor grew!

Over the course of 17 years, Matt and I have owned 3 homes. Our first home was a true “fixer upper”. We renovated the entire home from top to bottom and sold it for a profit less than a year later. Our second home appeared updated at first glance but came with its own set of problems. We redesigned the entire home as well, but quickly outgrew the space. My mom had a running joke that every time I finished making a house a home, the “for sale” sign was already on the lawn. 

Renovating another home was not an option while working full-time and raising twin boys. After looking at some spot builds, we stumbled upon a semi-custom home located within a gated community. Being it was semi-custom, the cabinet and tile choices were limited and were builder grade quality. The home didn’t check all of our boxes in terms of wants, however, it was a great location. We also liked the idea of having everything new at the same time. We knew we wanted to upgrade most of the home’s interior over time but decided it was best to live with it for a while as is. Time allowed us to learn how we use our home and plan our renovations to better fit our family’s needs.

Andrew, Jenn, Matt & Brandon

So this brings me to today! My house, 10 years later still doesn’t feel finished. It can be an overwhelming task to find the time to furnish and decorate a house to make it feel like home. I am guilty of filling rooms with things, but not always things I love. I have learned that decor is personal and you should decorate with intention, using items that complement your lifestyle instead of what is trending. I encourage you not to wait for the perfect time to start making your house a home. Follow me (and Matt) as we make improvements to our home(s) with the hopes to inspire you to do the same! Please feel free to share positive feedback and ask any questions you may have along the way! You can find me on Pinterest & Instagram @simplysummerjenn. Happy homemaking!

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Hi! Welcome to my page, Simply Summer Jenn! Here I'll share my home renovations and organization tips, as well as, my 1925 beach cottage remodel. It's never too late to make your house a home!

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