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5 Easy Ways to Warm Up a White Kitchen

White kitchens are classic, timeless and extremely versatile. They can be beautifully designed for any interior style whether it be Traditional, Contemporary, Coastal, Farmhouse, French Country or Transitional. However, white kitchens can also give off a very sterile and cold feeling. Here are 5 easy ways to warm up any white kitchen.

1. Wood Tones

Wood tones are my favorite way to incorporate warmth into any white kitchen. Since white tends to make a space appear clean and crisp, adding wood tones balances out the space.  A cost effective way to achieve this is by using vintage breadboards and cutting boards, rattan trays, baskets, cake stands, bowls, risers and shelving. For bigger contrast, investing in wood furniture such as a dining table and chairs, counter stools or wood floors will make a huge impact. 

2. Greenery/Flowers

Plants and flowers are another affordable way to add a pop of color into your kitchen. Bringing the outside in, collecting stems or flowers from your yard or garden can make the space feel more personal as well. If using faux, I suggest investing in quality stems and florals that can be used season after season. I like to add a layer of moss, real dirt or water in a clear vase to make my faux greenery look more realistic. Flowers add a layer of coziness and texture to any white kitchen.. 

3.Textures and Fabrics

Textures and fabrics add a ton of interest to an all white kitchen. For a more formal kitchen, I love to add natural fibers such as bamboo or jute. Natural fiber shades really add a nice contrast that is casual and earthy. They also pair well in a white coastal style kitchen.  Roman shades and  draperies can add a softness and warmth to a white kitchen. Fabrics such as  leather or linen on  cushions or pillows offset the cold feel of white. Adding patterns or a colorful vintage runner completes a white kitchen making it feel finished.

4. Mixed Metals

Cabinet hardware, appliances, plumbing and other accessories don’t have to be so matchy-matchy. I actually prefer mixing metals to give the room some interest and keep the eye moving. Stainless steel appliances can feel cold and industrial, therefore, adding brass and gold tones tend to cozy up a space. I recommend sticking to two metal tones/finishes, otherwise the room can become busy looking. In my kitchen, I paired polished chrome faucets and pot filler with matte honey-bronzed hardware. Keeping your look consistent yet balanced, is key for an overall cohesiveness.

5. Lighting

Lighting can affect a space greatly even changing the white of your kitchen. The right lighting can add warmth to the space without making it yellow or make it more sterile looking with the wrong bulbs. If you have recessed lighting consider adding dimmer switches to soften the harshness overhead lighting can bring at full capacity. Under cabinet lighting can add a warm cozy look in the evenings leaving a soft glow. Pendant lights can finish off a space and become a focal point. However, in my opinion, the best lighting is natural light. If you are remodeling a kitchen, think about how to gain more natural light whether using light fabric shades or even adding a larger or additional window.

While white kitchens will most likely never go out of style, the elements you decorate with will. A white kitchen is like a blank canvas that you can layer with textures and fabrics that highlight your personality and style. You can update and change the colors and decor seasonally as you wish. Following these 5 easy tips should warm up your kitchen in no time and become a place where family and friends want to gather!

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